AVOID: USA Autotrade, Hollywood FL. Sold us an illegal car

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The car we bought USA Autotrade 1406 S.State Rd.

7 Hollywood, FL 33023 turned out to be in dangerous and illegal condition, despite the dealer's assurance that the car had been 'inspected' and was sound. Nothing could be further from the truth. We were showed a carfax report that turned out to be completely false - the car had been in an accident and had chassis damage. We also later found out that it had been repossessed.

Not only this but repairs we had requested before the sale were not carried out and we were lied to. We have since tried to contact USA Autotrade numerous times over a period of months and not once have we been able to talk to the owner who sold us the car. Do not expect any after sales service, there is none.

These people are complete crooks - do not make the mistake we made!!Avoid like the plague.

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im not sure why he is pissed,you inspected the car used for a few months and then you complain.you probably damaged the goods yourself.

so far so good with my car :)


:) :) :) :)

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